Degree Films 2021

Degree Films of the Diploma Class of 2021

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L’autre côté de son âme

Kathrin Schweizer | 2021 | Coming of Age, Drama, Experimental, LGBTQIA | 23.5 min

The twins Lucie and Pierre believe they have switched bodies.

So far, so good

Leon Schwitter | 2021 | Experimental, Comedy | 13.5

Four groups sweat without noticing that the water is up to their necks.

It must

Jumana Issa and Flavio Luca Marano | 2021 | Drama | 18.5 min

Silvia is going through a day of defeat.

Domiz 2

Shafa Semo | 2021 | Documentary | 22 min

It seems all difficult for the family. But the hope is still there.


Jan-David Bolt | 2021 | Fantasy, Horror, Comedy | 6 min

Crush. Crush. Crash.

Forget me not

Lea Gygli | 2021 | Fiction | 22 min

In the care of the forest Yuna finds acceptance for the cycle of life.


Lars Mulle | 2021 | Comedy, Short, Drama | 8.5 min

Summer is over, it's hard to let it go.

A town still standing

Marvin Meckes and Lukas Fuhrimann | 2021 | Documentary | 18.5 min

Everything ticks in Triberg, the birthplace of the cuckoo clock. Only time stands still.

The Evil Witch

Valentin Räber | 2021 | Adventure | 11 min

In a medieval village, Valesquita discovers the sinister machinations of her mother.

Smoke Break

Alan Sahin | 2021 | Documentary | 9.5 min

Seven places where people are on a cigarette break.

Love will come later

Julia Furer | 2021 | Documentary | 81 min

A young Maroccan in search for love and a brighter future. What price will he pay for it?

Antes de Cenar

Manolo Zacate Lizárraga | 2017 | Fiction | 17 min

A portrait of a family is revealed through their dreams.


Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola | 2021 | Fiction, Comedy | 15 min

Unable to afford a fancy holiday, a family hides at home to save their reputation.

Folly for Two

Nicole Doppmann | 2021 | Coming of Age, Drama, Experimental | 8 min

On her magical search for freedom, Mia also finds herself.


Rapahel Schulze-Schilddorf | 2021 | Essay | 18.5 min

Destruction is a part of us, we are part of it.

Onur Calling

Annik Faivre | 2021 | Documentary, LGBTQIA | 37 min

Onur leads the filmmaker to the gay prides in lstanbul and Zurich.