Studying Film at ZHdK

Studying film at ZHdK focuses on practical training. Our Bachelor and Master of Arts in Film form a consecutive, closely interlinked programme.

The three-year Bachelor of Arts in Film provides A-to-Z training in all key areas of filmmaking. Developing fundamental know-how in screenwriting, editing, photography, producing, and sound design, coursework enables graduates to embark on professional careers in filmmaking.

From autumn 2018, the Bachelor of Arts in Film will be offering a degree course in Film Production Design. Production designers are responsible for the visual form of films, which they develop in association with the director and the director of photography. Production Design graduates will be qualified to undertake production design assignments in simple film projects.

Building on the Bachelor of Arts in Film, the MA programme at ZHdK offers firmly practice-oriented training for talented filmmakers. MA degrees are awarded in the profiles screenwriting, feature film directing, documentary filmmaking, creative producing, photography, or editing. Coursework produces individuals able to operate on the film and television market creatively, savvily, and independently.

Programme details and admissions requirements:

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