A town still standing

2021 | Documentary | 18.5 min | BA Film

Directed by
Marvin Meckes
Lukas Fuhrimann

Collection: Degree Films 2021

Nestled behind high mountains and dark forests lies Triberg, the birthplace of the cuckoo clock. For centuries, this cult item has been handcrafted right here, attracting tourists from all over the world. Ever since the boom of the 1980s has faded, the cuckoo clock has gradually lost its appeal and magic. And so has the place, which now resembles a ghost town. Between abandoned restaurants and empty souvenir shops, the residents eagerly hope for the return of tourists.


Runtime18.5 min
Year of Production2021
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Aspect Ratio4:3
Audio FormatStereo, 5.1
Spoken LanguageGerman
Available SubtitlesGerman, French, English
Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, Editor Marvin Meckes
Lukas Fuhrimann
Music Sina Frank
Leading ActorsRaymond Wiedel
Josef Dold
Christian Schwarz
Uwe Kammerer
Nikolaus Arnold
Supporting ActorsMartin Trenkle
Wolfgang Dold
Daniel Mohr
Ralf Lehmann
Petra Schilli
Felix Herr
Harald Egger
Holger Kienzler
Berthold Nock
Petra Kienzler
Location Sound Engineer Marvin Meckes
Lukas Fuhrimann
Sound Design Lisa Braunkehlchen & Tom Specht
Sound Mixing
Digital Colorist Marvin Meckes
Lukas Fuhrimann
Technical Support Equipment Andreas Birkle, Valentino Vigniti, Gian Courtin
Technical Support Postproduction Norbert Kottmann, Yasmin Joerg, Fabienne Koch
Project Supervision Sabine Boss
Project Mentoring Sabine Gisiger, Barbara Weber
Financial Support ZHdK-AVINA Projektfonds für Studierende
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Programme Director Sabine Boss