Degree Films 2023

Degree Films of the Diploma Class of 2023

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Theory of Change

Dennis Stauffer | 2023 | Documentary | 72 min

A political hero's journey without a happy ending

On my Way Home

Konstantin Shishkin | 2023 | Coming of Age, Drama | 14.5 min

I’m on my way. It leads me through my memories. All the way to home.

Mr. Karlsen

Basil Burger | 2023 | Drama, Coming of Age | 15 min

Book antiquarian Karlsen can not get away from his store.

To The Sun

Ivan Avramović | 2023 | Comedy | 21 min

Can homeless Nia escape her predicament?

Electric Fields

Lisa Gertsch | 2023 | Drama | 80 min

An inexplicable shift in the rules of the world brings to light people’s forgotten dreams.


M. Reza Jafari | 2023 | Experimental, Drama | 17.5 min

Thorns turn into flowers through love.

The Value of Things

Tobias Luchsinger | 2023 | 69 min

Three people, a film crew, one goal. They want to make a sustainable change in society.

Klemens - For the love of things

Tobias Wanner | 2023 | Documentary | 20 min

The restless collector Klemens is alone with his vision, he has to clear his storerooms.

Remeber, broken crayons colour too

Urša Kastelic and Shannet Clemmings | 2023 | Documentary, LGBTQIA | 13.5 min

Shannet shares her journey of healing the wounds caused by transphobia.

A Monster called Love

Sophia Lara Nimue Schweizer | 2023 | Experimental, Fantasy, Horror, LGBTQIA, Dance | 13 min

Once upon a time O. wakes up from a nightmare...


Achille Lietha | 2019 | Fantasy | 9 min

A lonely artist is called by a disembodied voice.

Where the Wild Bees Are

Pascal Kohler | 2023 | Documentary | 9.5 min

Wild Bees are being displaced from their habitat by farmed honey bees.


Zoë Bayer | 2023 | Experimental, Drama | 7.5 min

A night on an empty campsite turns into a nightmare for three young camp leaders.

Without Reason

Vanessa Blättler | 2023 | Drama | 25 min

Frida goes through a rollercoaster of emotions, told in a surprising and multilayered way.

Eyes Shut

Angela Kuhn | 2023 | Drama, Coming of Age | 11 min

The bond between two siblings suffers the burden of domestic violence.