And the wind weeps

2023 24.5 min | MA Film

Directed by Aulona Selmani

Collection: Degree Films 2023

Daut, a survivor of a massacre where his son was killed, has been rehearsing a letter for 20 years on what he will say if Hague ever calls him to testify for the horrors he has seen that day. 
The burden of memories gets heavier when he gets the news that his brother died of an illness, making Daut the only last survivor to remember the event. 
His mind starts to fail him on important details of the testimony. 
He might never bring justice for his son. For his brother. For his friends. Will the dead forgive him for giving up and being handed over to oblivion?

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Runtime24.5 min
Year of Production2023
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Distribution FormatProRes, DCP
Aspect Ratio1.85:1
Audio FormatStereo, 5.1
Spoken LanguageAlbanian
Available SubtitlesGerman, English
Director, Screenplay Aulona Selmani
Cinematography Hannes Cullum
Editor Carmen Walker
Production Manager Lauro Jenni
Leading ActorsBislim Muçaj
Supporting ActorsKumrije Hoxha
Armend Smajli
Afrim Muçaj
Ermal Sadiku
Casting Aulona Selmani
Costume Design Amanda Brooke
Make Up Sharon Berger
Location Sound Engineer Daniel Eaton, Lars Wicki, Simon Schmalz
Sound Design Daniel Eaton
Sound Mixing Daniel Eaton
Digital Colorist Hannes Cullum
Technical Support Equipment Andi Birkle
Technical Support Postproduction Norbert Kottmann
Project Mentoring Françoise von Roy, Sabine Boss
Co-Production Company SRF
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Programme Director Sabine Boss


18. December 2023
ZHdK Filme am Max Ophüls Preis

Bei der nächsten Ausgabe des Festivals in Saarbrücken, Deutschland sind wir mit diversen Filmen vertreten. Wir freuen uns auf das Festival! SYNCOPE von Linus von Stumberg GOD'S ANUS von Jan-David Bolt ELECTRIC FIELDS von Lisa Gertsch AND THE WIND WEEPS von Aulona Selmani

ZHdK News

14. December 2023
ZHdK Filme an den Solothurner Filmtagen

Die ZHdK ist durch diverse Diplomfilme in Solothurn vertreten: DER WERT DER DINGE von Tobias Luchsinger (Master Diplomfilm) CHAGRIN VALLEY von Nathalie Berger (Master Diplomfilm) ELECRTIC FIELDS von Lisa Gertsch AND THE WIND WEEPS von Aulona Selmani (Master Diplomfilm) WO DIE WILDEN BIENEN WOHNEN von Pascal Kohler (Bachelor Diplomfilm) REMEMBER, BROKEN CRAYONS COLOUR TOO von Urša Kastelic und Shannet Clemmings (Bachelor Diplomfilm)

3. October 2023
Master DiplomfilM AND THE WIND WEEPS feiert Weltpremiere in San Sebastián