Lauro Jenni

Creative Producing
Master of Arts in Film 2023
Lauro Jenni, born and raised in Zurich. After graduating from high school, he does a one-year internship at PANIMAGE GmbH and has since worked there on the SRF series WILDER (seasons 2-4) as production assistant, post-production supervisor and editing assistant, among other things. Afterwards he studies Creative Producing in the Master at the Zurich University of the Arts and works as a producer at IVY FILMSTUDIO, realizes commercial projects as well as short films, and works as a freelance filmmaker for various Swiss film productions.

2023 | And the wind weeps | 24.5 min | Producer, Production Manager | Switzerland

Showcase Projects

Motel Molotov

Production Manager | 2024 | BA Film | 13 min

A woman and a married man meet in a motel room for their secret affair.