2023 | Experimental, Drama | 17.5 min | BA Film

Directed by M. Reza Jafari

Collection: Degree Films 2023

Ahmad breaks into the older Maryam's house and is caught by her. Contrary to expectations, Maryam invites him to dinner and prepares him a bed for the night. Meanwhile, Ahmad sees a watch lying on the table and pockets it.

During the night he searches for more items, but finds a death notice from Maryam's son. Plagued by thoughts can Ahmad not fall asleep. In the morning, Ahmad Maryam helps with repairs around the house. As he is about to leave, Maryam notices that he is the put the clock back on the table. She gives it to him and Ahmad accepts, embarrassed.

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Runtime17.5 min
Year of Production2023
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Aspect Ratio1.85:1
Audio FormatStereo, 5.1
Shooting FormatDigital
Spoken LanguagePersisch
Available SubtitlesGerman, English
Director, Screenplay M. Reza Jafari
Cinematography Tobias Wanner
Production Design Luzia Nielsen
Editor Enrico Fröhlich
Production Manager Dominique Frey
Leading ActorsM. Reza Jafari
Casting, M. Reza Jafari
Costume Design M. Reza Jafari
Make Up Snesha Bloom
Sound Zoé Kugler, Dominic Curseri
Lisa Jödicke
Sound Design Martin Scheuter
Sound Mixing Martin Scheuter
Digital Colorist Ralph Wetli
Technical Support Equipment Andreas Birkle, Valentino Viginti, Gian Courtin, Marco Quandt
Technical Support Postproduction Norbert Kottmann, Fabienne Koch
Project Mentoring Peter Purtschert, Sabine Boss, Michael Schaerer
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Programme Director Sabine Boss


24. October 2023
Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2023

Im Rahmen der Kurzfilmtage Winterthur findet am 9. November der Filmschulentag statt. Drei Bachelor Diplomfilme feiern dort Weltpremiere und haben die Möglichkeit, als “bester Schweizer Schulfilm” ausgezeichnet zu werden. «A Monster called Love» von Sophia Lara Nimue Schweizer, «Nowrooz» von Reza Jafari und «Wo die wilden Bienen wohnen» von Pascal Kohler. Zudem zeigt das Festival in der Kategorie «Züri Shorts» den Film von Urša Kastelic und Shannet Clemmings «Remember, broken crayons colour too». In der Kategorie «Sport ist Mord» wird «Kleingolf» von Marvin Meckes gezeigt.

3 Bachelor Diplomfilme feiern Weltpremiere


9. November 2023
Schweizer Filmschulentag an den Kurzfilmtagen Winterthur