The Value of Things

2023 69 min | MA Film

Directed by Tobias Luchsinger

Collection: Degree Films 2023

How can we live sustainable? Three people are dealing with this question. Felix is experimenting with clay as a building material. Sanaz has her own fashion label for which she uses vegan and recycled fabrics. Dominik works on a biodynamic farm, but quickly realizes that he can achieve more with political commitment. 
The film crew also looks for ways to produce their film sustainably.
They produce their own electricity with bicycles and solar panels, pay attention to sustainable nutrition and move around by cargo bike.
Together they overcome resistance and show that change is possible.

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Runtime69 min
Year of Production2023
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Distribution FormatProRes, DCP
Aspect Ratio1.85:1
Audio FormatStereo, 5.1
Spoken LanguageSwiss German, German, English
Available SubtitlesGerman, English
Director Tobias Luchsinger
Cinematography Simon Denzler
Fabienne Steiner
Editor Roman Stocker
Production Manager Tobias Luchsinger
Leading ActorsFelix Hilgert
Sanaz Wasser
Dominik Waser
Location Sound Engineer Tobias Luchsinger
Sound Design Katharina Pfennich
Sound Mixing Martin Scheuter
Digital Colorist Hannes Cullum
Project Supervision Sabine Gisiger
Project Mentoring Sabine Gisiger, Rebecca Trösch
Financial Support Ruedi Gerber, ZAS Film
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Programme Director Sabine Boss


14. December 2023
ZHdK Filme an den Solothurner Filmtagen

Die ZHdK ist durch diverse Diplomfilme in Solothurn vertreten: DER WERT DER DINGE von Tobias Luchsinger (Master Diplomfilm) CHAGRIN VALLEY von Nathalie Berger (Master Diplomfilm) ELECRTIC FIELDS von Lisa Gertsch AND THE WIND WEEPS von Aulona Selmani (Master Diplomfilm) WO DIE WILDEN BIENEN WOHNEN von Pascal Kohler (Bachelor Diplomfilm) REMEMBER, BROKEN CRAYONS COLOUR TOO von Urša Kastelic und Shannet Clemmings (Bachelor Diplomfilm)