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Degree Films of the Diploma Class of 2017

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Children of the night

Kim Allamand | 2017 | Drama | 23 min

Anna has doubts but she must decide and go down a painful path.

Cloud Rider

Manuela Rüegg | 2016 | Children, Drama | 18 min

Maximilian loves daydreaming, but his mother won’t let him.

Sono Pippa

Yasmin Joerg | 2017 | Drama | 28 min

Pippa looses herself in dreams of becoming a famous actress.


Dominik Locher | 2017 | Drama | 85 min

David is not ready for fatherhood. He starts using steroids.

Facing Mecca

Jan-Eric Mack | 2017 | Drama | 27 min

Roli comes to Fareed’s assistance when he is faced with the burial of his Muslim wife.

The Blackdyer

Christina Welter | 2016 | Horror, Children | 17 min

Together with his mother Finn moves into an old house.

The Kids are alright

Rafael Kistler | 2014 | Coming of Age, Road Movie | 9.5 min

Luka is clattering through the night with his Piaggio Ciao until he met a little boy..


Emanuel Hohl | 2016 | Drama | 9 min

The view of a child of a family breaking apart

Mask of Sanity

Oliver Rogers | 2016 | Drama | 7 min

An intimate play about dark and hidden desires.


Cosima Frei | 2017 | Drama, Road Movie | 17 min

Maren is a tourguide. Her motto: keep smiling & retain composure, until Max is in her bus.


Luca van Grinsven | 2015 | Horror | 13 min

Two friends are partying with an unexpected visitor.

Almost everything

Lisa Gertsch | 2017 | Drama, Road Movie | 24 min

Leandra has to bring her husband Paul into a retirement home. But he would rather go to th

Blue My Mind

Lisa Brühlmann | 2017 | Coming of Age, Drama, Fantasy | 97 min

15-year-old Mia is facing an overwhelming transformation.

The Children of Babel

Lena Mäder | 2016 | Documentary, Children | 50 min

Children with an immigration background find a common language in classical music.

Black Hours

Wendy Pillonel | 2016 | Drama | 29 min

What is the consequence of an immolation by fire? Can radical action really change things?

Intervention in einer Bank

Matthias Sahli | 2017 | Experimental, Comedy | 13.5 min

A man tries to safe the employees of a Swiss bank by the use of interventions.


Fabienne Andreoli | 2017 | Coming of Age | 15 min

Lea is in the middle of her preparation for an important figure skating competition.