Degree Films 2019

Degree Films of the Diploma Class of 2019

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Make My Day

Kirstin Reppas | 2019 | Road Movie, Coming of Age, Comedy | 23 min

Reto, who decidedly has enough troubles of his own, drives a teenage runaway home to Italy


Jonathan Hug | 2019 | Drama | 20 min

Fabrice is getting abused by his girlfriend, what is he going to do?

Things Falling Apart

Daniel Loepfe | 2019 | Science Fiction | 25.5 min

In the future everyone has a brain implant from TEL that gives people telepathic abilities


Marlene A. Bondy | 2019 | Drama | 6.5 min

13-year-old Emil fearfully awaits his mother’s arrival.

Human Resources of Ugago

Ennio Ruschetti and David Oesch | 2019 | Science Fiction, Comedy, Animation | 13.5 min

Dave is the last human in an office full of hip robots.


Noah Frey | 2019 | Drama | 21 min

Are we shaped by our memories or are we shaping our memories?

Hand in Hand

Ennio Ruschetti | 2019 | Fantasy, Comedy, Animation | 3 min

Two politicians shake hands. The situation gets out of hand.


Aurelio Buchwalder | 2019 | Documentary | 70 min

Dialogue with a penal colony.


Noah van Dok | 2019 | Experimental, Drama | 6 min

In search of a stranger, a young woman goes into her deepest dream world.


David Oesch | 2019 | Drama | 10 min

Sweat, blood and tears go into making every dish.

Comrade Anna

Hae-Sup Sin | 2019 | Coming of Age, Fantasy, Children | 18.5 min

A Swiss-Korean girl meets a mysterious North Korean man, who appears in her wardrobe.

I see you

Luca Ribler | 2019 | Drama | 20.5 min

Christina lets Joel take nude photographs of her. Can she trust him with them?


Giorgi Sakhelashvili | 2017 | Drama, Fantasy | 7 min

During a night’s drive, Luca is caught up in his past and loses his sense of reality.


Fabiana Serpa | 2019 | Adventure | 29 min

Princess Therese of Bavaria, travels incognito to Brazil in 1888.

No Promised Land

Raphael Bondy | 2019 | Documentary | 52 min

Four young Ethiopian Jews struggle with racism against their community in Israel.