Degree Films 2010

Degree Films of the Diploma Class of 2010

Cafe Gilberte

Maria Sigrist | 2010 | Drama | 5 min

It’s a normal day in a coffee shop of a small American town. Suddenly the oxygen runs out.

Go after her

Patricia Frei | 2010 | Drama | 7 min

A young man is waiting for her to give him a sign, that may never come.


Ari Zehnder and Janos Menberg | 2010 | Science Fiction | 27 min

Everyday life is a gray prision, one that gradually wears down the variety of life.


Stefan Künzler | 2010 | Mobile, Coming of Age | 9 min

Out of boredom a group of young girls gets carried away with frays on the playground.

I shot the Sheriff

Linda Landolt and Gabriel Möhring | 2010 | Drama | 7 min

Fabienne is in the forest to finish her Photography-Project for School.

Scribbling & tingling

Amaury Berger | 2010 | Drama | 13 min

The shy sales girl Anna passes the crêperie each day on her way to work.


Natascha Beller | 2010 | Drama | 23 min

May, a young Chinese girl secretly works at a flower shop.


Jan Mettler and Jan-Eric Mack | 2009 | Children's Film | 13 min

A boy dreams of being a great soccerstar.


Susanne Steffen | 2009 | Drama, Experimental | 13 min

The story of a young woman and the longing for her deseased mother.


Fabian Gamper | 2010 | Drama, Comedy | 8 min

STANDBY is a little story about a young man’s uncertainties.


Talkhon Hamzavi | 2009 | Drama | 16 min

Parents of two children, they try to avoid their problems in their own way.