2010 | Mobile, Coming of Age | 9 min | BA Film

Directed by Stefan Künzler

Collection: Degree Films 2010

Out of boredom and internal power struggles, a group of young girls gets carried away with frays on the playground. Intoxicated by power and the extreme, they become ever more audacious.
All of the incidents are documented on a mobile phone. The camera is thus an integral part of the group and tells their story from the inside out.

Runtime9 min
Year of Production2010
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Distribution FormatDigi Beta, Mini DV, DVD
Aspect Ratio4:3
Audio FormatStereo
Shot onMobile phone
Shooting FormatVGA
Spoken LanguageSwiss German
Director Stefan Künzler
Cinematography Sabina Reich
Editor Stefan Künzler
Screenplay Stefan Künzler
Leading ActorsYanna Rüger as Jessi
Judith Cuénod as Betti
Natalina Muggli as Debbi
Sabina Reich as Yasi
Timo Fakhravar as Loverboy
Mario Fuchs as Yves
Dominik Locheras Locher
Mehmet Atesci as Mehmet
Alessandro Perpignanoas Slapper
Casting Stefan Künzler
Costume Design Rahel Künzler
Adriana Stepanov
Location Sound Engineer Lorenz Suter
Sound Mixing Gregg Skerman
Graphic Artist Stefan Künzler
Technical Support Equipment Gian Courtin
Technical Support Postproduction Rebecca Siegfried
Project Supervision Markus Imboden
Project Mentoring Prof. Bernhard Lehner
Peter Purtschert
Luca Zuberbühler
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Head of Programme BA Film Prof. Bernhard Lehner


1. November 2010
International Short Film Festival Winterthur

Best Short Film at the 2010 Film School Day