Degree Films 2018

Degree Films of the Diploma Class of 2018

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Fragments of a Farewell

Michael Karrer | 2017 | Drama | 15.5

A little girl is immersed in the grieving process of her father‘s death.


Jelena Pavlovic | 2018 | Experimental, Coming of Age | 18 min

A journey into the depths of the subconscious.

Riese Mamma

Sarah Rathgeb | 2018 | Drama | 15 min

Sarah is pregnant and has to tell her divorced parents the big news.

All Good

Luisa Ricar | 2018 | Drama | 18.5 min

With friends, sex at an afterhour, an unspoken No. All good?

Don't make a fuss

Natascha Vavrina | 2018 | Drama | 18 min

Leon finally wants to leave everything behind him and start a new life.

Elephant in the room

Chanelle Eidenbenz | 2018 | Drama | 20 min

Irna seeks comfort in her own world, where rubber doll Elias makes up her reality.


Gianni Keller | 2018 | Road Movie | 16 min

Dimi visits his hometown in Italy, which he regrets right at the start of the journey.