2017 17 min

Directed by Cosima Frei

Produced by 2:1 film | ZHdK

Maren leads an orderly life as a bus tour guide. When her brother unexpectedly joins her traveling group of seniors she’s confronted with her affection for her brother and her fear of family ties - until the situation erupts in front of the entire public.

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Runtime17 min
Year of Production2017
Jimena Cugat
Grandbrothers (Abspanntrack
Rhea Plangg
Oliver Bolt

Produced by2:1 film | ZHdK
Leading ActorsSabrina Tannen
Moritz Leu
Supporting ActorsDaniel Buchs
Irmgard Strasser
Laura Locher
Tanja Koller
Bernhard Köpke
Pete Andersen
Gregg Skerman
Leo Weissenbach
Nicolas Schaltegger
Gian Courtin
Norbert Kottmann, Yasmin Joerg
Teresa Harder (Schauspielcoach)
Myriam Flury (Schnittmentorat)

2:1 Film
Rhea Plangg, Lisa Blatter, Filippo Bonacci
Markus Imboden