Mirjam Zimmermann

Bachelor of Arts in Film 2015
Mirjam Zimmermann was born 1986 in Basel, Switzerland. As teenager she visited the artistic preparation course at School of Design in Basel, which was followed by her education as a designer. After graduation she spent the following year studying and caught up with the qualification for university entrance through Passarelle in Basel. During this time her interest in film develops more and more and she starts to collect first experiences in the film industry before she applies for the film studies at School of Arts in Zürich (ZHdK).


2015 | Stoneage | Road Movie | 8.5 min | Switzerland

Showcase Projects


Editor | 2017 | MA Film | 17 min

Maren is a tourguide. Her motto: keep smiling & retain composure, until Max is in her bus.


Editor | 2015 | 16 min

Kurt Früh Reloadet: Studenten interpretieren Kurt Frühs wichtigste Werke filmisch neu.


Unit Manager | 2012 | BA Film | 17 min


Director, Screenplay | 2015 | BA Film | 8.5 min

While Elin is doing a geological expedition she gets disturbed by an unexpected incident.