Zwingerlins Ende

2005 | Drama | 11 min

Directed by Adrian Kelterborn

Collection: Degree Films 2005

Zwingerlin is stuck in a seaport. He is waiting for his friend, who arrives by ship. Zwingerlin shuttles between the harbour and a hotel and gets disturbed by a reccurent spooky chant...

Runtime11 min
Year of Production2005
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Distribution FormatQT
Aspect Ratio4:3
Audio FormatStereo
Shooting FormatDigibeta
Director, Screenplay Adrian Kelterborn
Cinematography Michael Gerber
Music Martin Jaggi
Editor Samuel Ammann
Adrian Kelterborn
Production Assistant Lara Donno
Leading ActorsJulian Grünthalas Zwingerlin
Supporting ActorsSimona Barbera as Sängerin
Lawrence Grimmas Boy
Carlo Winderlingas Receptionist
Lorenzo Dabbene as Taxifahrer
Sound Nicolas Binggeli
Costume Design, Makeup Artist Tonia Geissbühler
Sounddesign Stefan Baumann
Graphic Artist Ralph Kühne