2008 | Drama | 13 min

Directed by Michael Werder

Collection: Degree Films 2008

Fredy is a photographer. He is afraid of getting blind through an upcoming eye surgery. This fear doesn’t make living with other people any easier, especially because he’s an introverted and stubborn person. He tries to solve the problem in his own way and through this, his eyes are opened in an unusual way.

Runtime13 min
Year of Production2008
Distribution FormatProRes
Audio Format5.1
Shooting FormatSuper 16mm, HDCAM
Spoken LanguageSwiss German
Screenplay, Director, Editor Michael Werder
Cinematography Marcell Erdélyi
Art Director Regula Möhl, Michael Werder
Music Pierre Funck, Balz Bachmann
Leading Actors Max Rüdlinger
Supporting Actors Sharon Zucker
Linda Bär
Production Manager Verena Gloor
Assistant Director Géraldine Zosso
Casting Michael Werder
Continuity Patricia Frei
Unit Manager Patricia Frei
Aufnahmeleitung Irland Regula Möhl
Focus Puller & Assistant Camera Jasper Granderath
Gaffer Roman Brändli
Electrician Mathias Truniger
Christian Tschanz
Philip Caviezel
Location Sound Engineer Simon Graf
Assistant Location Sound Engineer Aminta Iseppi, Markus Schleiss
Makeup Artist, Costume Design Sundari Würgler
Caterer Franziska Werder, Partyservice Limacher
Sound Editing Barbara Katz
Foley Barbara Katz, Peter Bräker
Sound Mixing Balz Bachmann
Still Photographer Regula Möhl, Yves Büchel
Graphic Artist Michael Werder
Technical Support Equipment Gian Courtin, Marcello Rosenberger, Werner Steiner
Telecine Bernie Greiner, EgliFilm, Boost
Online Editing Nico Lypitkas
Digital Colorist Jürgen Kupka, EgliFilm, Boost
Sound Design Balz Bachmann
Orchestra Zurich Composers' Guild Orchestra
Leitung Orchester André Bellmont
Orchesteraufnahmen Lasse Nipkow
Project Mentoring Gerda Grossmann, Margit Eschenbach, Barbara Weber, Max Rüdlinger