Sehnsucht der Prinzessin

1995 | Drama | 63 Min.

Directed by Stefan Meichtry

Collection: Degree Films 1995

The lie is what they hate, the lie brings them together: A star urologist and the woman of his desire in the abysmal play for love and for oneself.
A film about the proliferation of the unconscious - the longing of the princess.

Runtime63 Min.
Year of Production1995
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Aspect Ratio4:3
Audio FormatMono
Shooting Format16mm
Spoken LanguageGerman
Director Stefan Meichtry
Screenplay Anne-Catherine Kunz
Cinematography Luke Geissbüehler
Production Manager Barbara Krieger, Irina Mach
Editor Priska Fretz
Art Director Corina Gloor
Music Michael Wernli
Leading ActorsBodo Krumwiede
Pascal Ulli
Supporting ActorsAlexandra Prusa
Aviva Joel
Patricia Bornhauser
Klaus Henner Russius
Ulrich Bodamer
René Schoenenberger
Assistant Director Irina Mach
Focus Puller & Assistant Camera Marcin Goray
Sound Eveline Arnold
Tonassistenz Vid Böcke
Lighting Technician Andres Seeberger
Script Anne-Catherine Kunz
Grip Nico Gutmann, Paul Seewer
Unit Manager Gil Grünberg
Requisiten Claudia Brändli
Costume Design Silvia Raggi
Make Up Simone Pfluger
Foley Peter Bräker
Sound Editing, Sound Mixing Andreas Sigg
Setfotografie Kathrin Schulthess