Journey to Jerusalem

2012 | Comedy | 10 min | BA Film

Directed by Monica Amgwerd

Collection: Degree Films 2012

The longtime friends Emma and Gloria, in their late 20s, meet eachother for their morning coffee routine. They've gone down different professional paths: Gloria's a lawyer, Emma's a photographer. However, both of them are insecure about their desicions in life. When comparing themselves, they realize that every choice has it's downside. Another dimension comes into play, when they witness a blissful young mother with her baby. Realizing that their own generation's already followed by the next one, puts their questions about life into perspective and makes them conscious of their own mortality.

Runtime10 min
Year of Production2012
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Distribution FormatDigi Beta, QT
Aspect Ratio16:9
Audio FormatStereo
Shooting FormatProRes
Spoken LanguageGerman
Available SubtitlesFrench, English, German
Director Monica Amgwerd
Cinematography Elena Brotschi
Janos Menberg
Production Design Sophie Proché
Music The Knife
Fever Ray
Editor Caroline Feder
Screenplay Monica Amgwerd
Leading ActorsMonica Amgwerd
Judith Heiniger
Supporting ActorsLeonie Wieland
Mathias Truniger
Michael Zimmermann
Casting Monica Amgwerd
Costume Design Sophie Proché
Makeup Artist Helve Léal
Location Sound Engineer David Bollinger
Sound Design Mario Baumann
Sound Mixing Gregg Skerman
Graphic Artist Mathias Truniger
Project Supervision Peter Purtschert
Manuel Hendry
Project Mentoring Peter Purtschert
Manuel Gerber
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Head of Programme BA Film Prof. Bernhard Lehner