Everything changes in one shot

2008 | Drama | 12 min | MA Film

Directed by
Niccolò Castelli
Daniel Casparis

Collection: Degree Films 2008

The last days of World War II. A lonely outpost of the Third Reich up in the mountains. The German commander orders the execution of a young soldier. Staring death in the face, the condemned man seizes his last chance and appeals to the pity of the firing squad. When the squad hesitates, the commander must cover his own hands in blood. Shortly afterwards, two GIs arrive in a jeep, marking the end of the war.

Runtime12 min
Year of Production2008
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Spoken LanguageGerman, English
Director Niccolò Castelli
Daniel Casparis
Cinematography Andreas Birkle
Production Design Nina Staub
Music Emanuele Delucchi
Alessandro Broggini

Editor Niccolò Castelli
Daniel Casparis
Screenplay Daniel Casparis
Michael Sauter
Production Manager Niccolò Castelli
Leading ActorsJürgen Brüggeras Kommandant Klemp
Lukas Ullrichas Dr. Otto Klemp
Stefan Kollmusas Sgt. John Stahl
Kyle Popoolaas Pvt. Carl Owens
Casting Corinna Glaus
Costume Design Božena Čivić
Patrick Schlenker
Fabienne Helfer
Makeup Artist Adrienne Chauliac
Romina Kalsi
Location Sound Engineer Patrick Storck
Philipp Koller
Simon Liniger
Sound Design Patrick Storck
Sound Mixing Gregg Skerman
Digital Colorist Jürgen Kupka (Egli Film AG)
Compositing Michael Scialpi (On Line Video AG)
Graphic Artist Daniel Casparis (Title Sequence)
Niccolò Castelli (Webdesign)
Massimiliano Minissale (Webdesign)
Manuela Bieri (Poster)

Technical Support Equipment Gian Courtin
Technical Support Postproduction Rebecca Siegfried
Project Supervision Bernhard Lehner
Project Mentoring Georg Bringolf (Ausstattung)
Simone Häberling (Produktion)
Co-Production Company TSI (Giulia Fretta)
Financial Support Zürcher Filmstiftung
Repubblica e Cantone Ticino
Comune Stampa/Maloja
Fondazione Giovanoli e Biblioteca
Christian Casparis
Paranoiko pictures
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Anita Wasser
Head of Programme MA Film Prof. Markus Imboden


21. October 2008
Best Short Film at the Ozu Short Film Festival Sassuolo

Endsieg wins Best Short Film at the Ozu Short Film Festival Sassuolo


1. September 2011 – 22:45

12. April 2011 – 17. April 2011
Filmfest Dresden - Internationales Kurzfilmfestival|
Sonderprogramm "One Shot"

13. November 2009 – 22. November 2009
Festival international du Film d'Amiens

11. November 2009 – 16. November 2009
Teheran International Short Film Festival

21. October 2009 – 25. October 2009
FIDEC International Festival for Cinema Schools
Huy, Belgien

8. October 2009 – 11. October 2009
Capalbio International Short-Film Festival

6. October 2009 – 10. October 2009
St. Petersburg International Youth FilmFestival

21. April 2009 – 26. April 2009
Internationale Studentenfilmtage SEHSÜCHTE

26. March 2009 – 29. March 2009
Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival

19. March 2009 – 21. March 2009
Tiburon International Film Festival

11. March 2009 – 15. March 2009
Schweizer Jugendfilmtage

19. January 2009 – 25. January 2009
Solothurner Filmtage
Produktionen aus Filmschulen

29. November 2008 – 6. December 2008
CAMERIMAGE Film Festival
Lodz, Polen

13. November 2008 – 23. November 2008
Human Rights Arts & Film Festival Australia

10. November 2008 – 15. November 2008
VGIK International Student Festival

10. November 2008 – 17. November 2008
Kolkata Film Festival

21. October 2008 – 28. October 2008
Yasujiro Ozu Short Film Festival Sassuolo

8. October 2008 – 12. October 2008
international shortfilmfestival shnit

6. August 2008 – 16. August 2008
Festival del film Locarno
Pardi di Domani