Abi means papa

2014 | Documentary | 78 min | BA Film

Directed by
Armin Tobler
Simon Gutknecht

Collection: Degree Films 2014

At 19, Armin discovered his adoption documents by accident. The same year he went to Indonesia to see his birth mother for the first time. But his birth father had disappeared a long time ago. Six years later Armin travels to Indonesia with two friends to find his birth father. Whether they succeed or not highly depends on the helpfulness of Armin’s family, which he only meets for the second time. His mother, however, is not happy about his plan. Therefore the journey becomes not only a search for Armin’s father but also a conflict with his family and its past.

Runtime78 min
Year of Production2014
Country of ProductionSwitzerland, Indonesia
Distribution FormatDCP, HDCAM SR, HDCAM, DVD, Blu-ray
Aspect Ratio16:9
Audio FormatStereo, 5.1
Shooting FormatAVCHD
Spoken LanguageSwiss German, English, Indonesian
Available SubtitlesGerman, English
Director Armin Tobler
Simon Gutknecht
Cinematography Simon Gutknecht
Music Thomas Kuratli
Editor Simon Gutknecht
Noëmi Schneider
Screenplay Armin Tobler
Simon Gutknecht
Leading ActorsArmin Tobler
Titiek Bachaus
Amalia Ariati Akbar
Location Sound Engineer Thomas Kuratli
Sound Design Thomas Kuratli
Sound Mixing Gregg Skerman
Digital Colorist Armin Tobler
Graphic Artist Elias Müller
Project Supervision Christian Iseli
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Head of Programme BA Film Prof. Bernhard Lehner