Horror Shorts 2015

Inspired by the „Schreckmümpfeli“-radioplays an in collaboration with Swiss Television SRF, students create short scare stories in a semesterproject dedicated to the horror genre.
Horror Shorts 2015


Luca van Grinsven | 2015 | Horror | 13 min

Two friends are partying with an unexpected visitor.

The Blackdyer

Christina Welter | 2016 | Horror, Children | 17 min

Together with his mother Finn moves into an old house.

The Vicar

Chanelle Eidenbenz | 2015 | Horror | 13 min

Exorcism in Switzerland in the 21st century?


Gabriela Kvet | 2015 | Horror, Comedy | 11 min

A flat full of cameras and a cat with hurt feelings are going to be Monas’ worst nightmare