Aulona Selmani

Fiction film directing
Master of Arts in Film 2023
Aulona Selmani, a Swiss-born filmmaker and actress, discovered her love for storytelling while growing up in Kosove.Aulona's mother, with whom she spent countless afternoons watching movies, played a pivotal role in nurturing her love for the arts.Aulona pursued a Bachelor's degree in Film and Television from the University of Prishtina, followed by a Master's degree from Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Committed to creating impactful narratives, she aims to use her films as a catalyst for social change.

2023 | And the wind weeps | 24.5 min | Switzerland

2021 | Si Në Vaj | Short Film | ZHdK | CH

2020 | Pariah State | Short Film | University of Pristina mit Gemeinde of Prishtina und Ikone Studio

2019 | Ank e Gai | Short Film | University of Pristina

2018 | Nina & Nana | University of Pristina

2017 | Ana | Short Film | University of Pristina

2016 | Iris | University of Pristina

2016 | Allishverish | Short Film | University of Pristina

Showcase Projects