Was meinsch?

2009 | Comedy | 12 min | BA Film

Directed by Fabian Niklaus

Collection: Degree Films 2011

A young man thinks about where he might be today, if certain things had been different.

Runtime12 min
Year of Production2009
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Distribution FormatHDCAM SR, QT
Aspect Ratio16:9
Audio FormatStereo, 5.1
Shot onSony EX 1
Shooting FormatHDV
Spoken LanguageSwiss German
Available SubtitlesGerman, English, French
Director Fabian Niklaus
Cinematography Jasper Granderath
Editor Fabian Niklaus
Screenplay Fabian Niklaus
Leading ActorsCaspar Kaeser
Supporting ActorsSimone Enkerli
Nia Kayo Endtner
Recce Carmine
Naima Bärlocher
Makeup Artist Simone Enkerli
Location Sound Engineer Serge Gerber
Sound Mixing Gregg Skerman
Compositing Andreas Arnheiter
Project Supervision Barbara Weber
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Head of Programme BA Film Prof. Bernhard Lehner