2013 | Drama | 30 min | BA Film

Directed by Noëmi Schneider

Collection: Degree Films 2013

Girl meets boy on the moon.
Frida isn't really over the death of her friend. For a few days she wants to be on her own and stays at a hotel on the Saint Gotthard. On the way she meets Alexander who has a breakdown of his car and is stuck. During these days they get closer.

Runtime30 min
Year of Production2013
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Distribution FormatDCP, HDCAM SR, HDCAM, Blu-ray, DVD
Aspect Ratio1.85:1
Audio FormatStereo, 5.1
Shooting FormatProRes
Spoken LanguageSwiss German
Available SubtitlesGerman, English, French
Director Noëmi Schneider
Cinematography Meret Madörin
Production Design Moritz Maurer
Music Dylan Spence
Editor Meret Madörin
Noëmi Schneider
Screenplay Noëmi Schneider
Production Manager Azra Djurdjevic
Leading ActorsMichèle Breu
Aaron Hitz
Supporting ActorsSuzana Rozkosny
Casting Meret Madörin
Noëmi Schneider
Costume Design Kim Zumstein
Makeup Artist Kim Zumstein
Location Sound Engineer Remie Blaser
Sound Design Remie Blaser
Sound Mixing Gregg Skerman
Compositing Ralph Wetli
Ramón Königshausen
Graphic Artist Elias Müller
Project Supervision Christian Iseli
Project Mentoring Michael Vögtlin
Jasmine Hoch
Barbara Weber
Pierre Mennel
Manu Gerber
Bernhard Lehner
Christian Iseli

Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Head of Programme BA Film Prof. Bernhard Lehner