Mask of Sanity

2016 | Fiction, Drama | 7 min | BA Film

Directed by Oliver Rogers

Collection: Degree Films 2017

And elderly Psychiatrist becomes entangled in a conversation with a peculiar, young man, who tells the doctor all about his dark desire to kill. The shrink recognises his own urges in the tales being told and he has a suspicion who the new arrival might be.

Runtime7 min
Year of Production2016
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
Distribution FormatDCP, HDCAM SR, QT
Aspect Ratio1.85:1
Shooting FormatProRes
Spoken LanguageGerman
Available SubtitlesEnglish
Director Oliver Rogers
Cinematography Simon Bitterli
Production Design Arathy Pathmanathan, Natalie Fitzgerald

Music Tarek Schmidt
Editor Oliver Rogers
Johannes Bachmann
Screenplay Oliver Rogers
Leading ActorsRené Schoenenberger, Samuel Tobias Klauser
Makeup Artist Justine Paradiso
Location Sound Engineer Michael Karrer
Sound Design Oliver Rogers
Gregg Skerman
Sound Mixing Gregg Skerman
Digital Colorist Lukas Graf
Technical Support Equipment Gian Courtin
Technical Support Postproduction Robin Wenger, Norbert Kottmann
Project Supervision, Seminarleitung Tom Gerber
Project Mentoring Bernhard Lehner
Executive Producer Filippo Bonacci
Head of Programme BA Film Bernhard Lehner