Jackie Brutsche

Diploma 2006
Jackie Brutsche born 1977 in Zurich, lives and works in Bern since 2005. She graduated in fashion design (2001) and film making (2006) at the University of The Arts Zurich and is at home in many artistic medias such as painting and drawing, sculpting, costume and set design, directing and story writing, filmmaking, performing and playing music in bands, theatre and movies. Since 2000 she was the lead singer and guitarist in several Garagebands and is touring with The Jackets (since 2008) and The Sex Organs (since 2014) since many years all over Europe and North America and released several albums and videos. 2010 and 2013 she produced her own full length solo theatre shows combining all her various activities culminating in bizarre stories of modern life (The Moustache Princess, The Rebel Sperm). Currently she is working on a film projekt about her mother. In her work she often questions themes like showbusiness, identity and idols, media and advertisement, gender roles, life dreams and nightmares.

2006 | The Magic Cut | Drama, Horror | 13 min | Switzerland

2005 | Menschine

2004 | Identity Search

2003 | Kotzbrocken

2002 | Demon Inside

2002 | Dig it

Showcase Projects

The Magic Cut

Director, Screenplay, Editor | 2006 | 13 min

Dolores has had enough.