Barbara Seiler

Master of Arts in Film 2009
My name is Barbara Seiler. I was born in East Germany, in a small city called Eisleben. We moved around a lot, because my parents worked in theatre. I finished school 1989 in the year of "the big change" in GDR. I travelled the world, lived in Zürich, Los Angeles and Berlin, where I did my degree as a journalist. I worked for several big newspapers and for seven years as a cultural journalist for Swiss Television. At the moment I'm finishing my master's degree in film directing at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.

2015 | I'm a Creative Animal | SRF, Accentus | CH, DE
Auszeichnung: Winner Best Portrait, FIFA Montreal, 2015

2014 | Heidiland | Documentary | 52 min | 3sat | CH
Ein Roadmovie durch die Schweizer Literaturlandschaft

2013 | Vom Tanzstück zum Kunststück - Jazz in der Schweiz | Documentary | 52 min | SRF | CH

2008 | Dance to Happyness | Comedy, LGBTQIA, Dance | 16 min | Switzerland

2009 | Landschaft in Bewegung - Der Fotograf Hans Danuser | 52 min | Schweizer Fernsehen | Schweiz

Showcase Projects

Dance to Happyness

Director, Screenplay | 2008 | MA Film | 16 min

A lesbian fairytale depicting the possibility of overcoming social borders.