Angela Kuhn

Bachelor of Arts in Film 2023
Angela Kuhn (*1994, Winterthur) discovered her passion for storytelling at an early age. Her passion for writing leads her to work as a columnist while still at school. After graduating from high school, she begins studying at the UZH, majoring in English literature and linguistics. She then works on various projects as a production assistant, camera assistant and editor. In 2023, she graduates from ZHdK with a bachelor's degree in film. She has been working as an independent filmmaker since 2018.

2023 | Eyes Shut | Drama, Coming of Age | 11 min | Switzerland

2020 | Kai | Short, Fantasy, Children | 10 min | ZHdK | CH

Showcase Projects

Eyes Shut

Director | 2023 | BA Film | 11 min

The bond between two siblings suffers the burden of domestic violence.